5 Tips in Buying Headphones

April 28, 2016 blog-img

Consumer electronics are electronic equipment intended for everyday personal use. Since demand for quality consumer electronics in the Philippines keeps on increasing, gadgets continuously evolve to suit the fast-paced lifestyle in today’s society. Take headphones for example; people listen to various music in different settings which can be difficult if you are around other people. With headphones, you can listen to your preferred music wherever you are privately. Truly this helpful device has become a constant part of our everyday life, so much so that there are plenty of companies offering them right now!

If you want to experience music at a whole new level, you have to consider carefully what headphones to buy. Here’s how to pick the perfect set for you.

Consider the Form

Headphones come in a variety of forms so the first thing you should do is know what style fits you best, as well as the type of music that you always listen to. One style that you should consider is in-ear headphones or earbuds, which are portable. They offer a decent amount of noise cancellation which is useful when you are in a noisy bus or airplane. However, if you don’t like putting something in your ear, then you should consider a pair of on-ear headphones – the kind that a DJ uses. Choose this headphones if you want to experience and enjoy sound clarity, bass, and total noise isolation.

The Quality of the Product

Spending a decent amount of money on earphones can assure you basic music quality. On the other hand, expensive headphones are made with high-quality materials and improved engineering, which means that it produce a better sound quality than cheaper ones. Aside from the sound quality, headphones priced higher are usually more durable especially branded ones. With branded earphones, you are not just paying for the name, you are also paying for trusted quality.


Sound Isolation

Sound isolation refers to the headphones’ ability to keep music in and block out the outside noise. Headphones with great sound isolation will help you save battery life and prevent you from turning up the volume just to hear properly.


When trying headphones out, try to leave them on for a while. Some headphones feel okay for the first five minutes, but might be painful when used in long durations. It doesn’t mean that you have to try on one for hours. Just test a pair for a little while to see if they are comfortable enough for you.

Match the Impedance

It’s important that you match the headphones’ impedance to the audio equipment you’re using. If you bought headphones with impedance lower than 25 ohms, then they’re best suited for devices like phones and portable music players. However, if the headphones have impedance of over 25 ohms, they are best used for DJ mixers or any equipment with high power levels to maximize the audio quality.

Take note of the tips above when shopping for headphones. Even if you are working with a limited budget, make sure that the ones you purchase are comfortable to avoid regrets later on. If your main concern is getting superior sound quality, be ready to spend a considerable amount of money on headphones that specializes on audio quality.

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