5 Must See Animated Films

April 25, 2016 blog-img

With the advancement in technology, affordable electrical appliances in the Philippines became more readily available in the market; it became easy for people to buy televisions, DVD players, and gadgets for entertainment. In addition, innovations enabled people to do to do farfetched things such as connecting to the internet using televisions. Through evolutions in technology, this is now possible, giving birth to Smart TVs! This new device gives people an almost limitless access to everything, including movies, soap operas, and even news that they might have missed during the day.


Movies are an important part of society. Aside from the entertainment one could get while sitting in a movie house for two hours, it gives you a feeling of escape from reality. In addition, movies can sometimes be learning tools that can be used to educate audiences with vocabulary and moral lessons.



There are various genres of moves, one of which are animated films; and no, animated movies are not just for kids. Animated films are for everyone and the process of making one is no joke. It’s time to access the internet using your Smart TV and watch these must-see animated films!

Millennium Actress

What’s it about: A Japanese animated film directed by Satoshi Kon, this film is all about two film makers who interviewed a retired veteran actress. The actress, Chiyoko Fujiwara, ends up sharing her life as an actress and the many movies she did during her prime. As she continues with her story, the difference between reality and cinema becomes blurry.


Toy story 

Toy Story trilogy

What’s it about: This movie follows the life of Andy and his toys that come to life whenever he is not around. More than the toys, Toy Story revolves around the essence of childhood. So far, the series has 3 installations and although Toy Story 3 (2010) looked like it’s the conclusion of the epic story, Pixar suddenly surprised die-hard fans by announcing a fourth installment.

How to Train Your Dragon

What’s it about: This film is all about a Norse teenager named Hiccup, the son of Stoick the Vast. In the movie, Hiccup deviates from their village’s traditions by befriending a dragon instead of killing it. It currently has two films in the series and a third one is already in consideration.

Lion King

Lion King

What’s it about: Who could ever forget the benevolent Mufasa and his adorable – turned courageous leader – son Simba? One of Disney’s beloved films, follow Simba as he grows from a cub and into a powerful leader who would eventually inherit his father’s throne. Get some tissues ready especially when watching the first installment of this series because it will definitely be an intense experience (no spoilers here).

Spirited Away

What’s it about: Spirited Away is Hayao Miyazaki’s masterpiece and the pride of Studio Ghibli. This movie is all about a young girl’s journey in the spirit world with the mission to rescue her parents who were transformed into pigs. If you want to watch an animated film with fantasy and dream-like elements accompanied with true-to-life moral lessons, then Spirited Away is the perfect film for you!


Aside from the the ones mentioned above, there are plenty of other wonderful animated films like Finding Nemo, Up, and Lilo and Stitch that are worth watching too. It doesn’t mtter if you are young or old, animated movies have messages that are applicable to people of different ages.

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