5 Innovative Ways to Use Your Tablet

May 25, 2017 blog-img


The desktop computer’s conception and invention have made life truly easy for many people. Through the years, people saw the evolution of computers, from the oldest models, which are practically the same size to a large room, to the tiny devices, which can be carried anywhere you go.


Today, one of the most popular high-quality electronics in the Philippines – as well as in the entire world – is the mobile tablet. This one is also a product of the innovation of the desktop computer. It is almost like a smartphone, but much bigger in size.


Essentially, a tablet has many uses, most of which are very similar to the cell phones’ features. However, thanks to modern technology, people can use their tablets in innovative ways. Here are some of them:



Laptop Replacement

Laptop Replacement


A tablet is expectedly cheaper and lighter than a laptop computer. These two reasons are, basically, what makes tablet such a good replacement. Just imagine you can get your own “laptop computer” without having to pay for the prize of one. You can also carry it anywhere you go without so much hassle.


Furthermore, you get to use it just like a laptop. If you wish, you can get a Bluetooth keyboard so you can easily type all your documents. You can also download all Microsoft Office apps on your Android device, so your tablet can truly have similar functions to an ordinary laptop.



Innovative Ways to Use Your Tablet-2

Cash Register


At this day and age, almost every working person has their own credit/debit card. This is why various business establishments ensure they have a credit card reader to conduct their business. Without one, they will surely lose a huge percentage of customers.


Business owners, who use a tablet, can use it as their own cash register. They simply have to install a card reader, such as the PayPal card reader, onto their tablet. This will, then, initiate a hassle-free transaction that customers will truly appreciate.



Universal Remote Control

Universal Remote Control


Your tablet can do a lot of things. Being a remote control is one of them. There are many remote control apps for you to utilize to ensure this. Just make sure you the download the correct ones, which should correspond to your home appliances.



A Creative Tool
A Creative Tool


Are you an artistic soul, who is need of a canvas? Then, perhaps, you should consider making a tablet your canvas. All you need is to download the right apps to get you started. There are numerous apps out there that will help you create your masterpiece!



Second Monitor

Second Monitor


Tablets are perfect to use as a monitor. This is particularly because they can only show one web browser window at once, which will boost your productivity. If you need to completely remain in focus, use your tablet as a monitor; it will stop you from being distracted.



Now, if you need to do some multitasking, a tablet can also perform as your second monitor. Utilize the apps, which you cannot normally download on a desktop or laptop, on your tablet so you can finish your tasks quicker and more efficiently.


There are so many innovative ways for you to use a tablet, you just have to be open to all these possibilities!

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