5 Appliances You Need in Your Workplace

November 28, 2017 blog-img

What appliances should offices have?

  1. IP Cameras: To use for security reasons.
  2. Speakers: To use during large meetings or conferences.
  3. LED TV(s): To use for presentations and dashboards.
  4. Electric Fans: To use for when the air conditioning is inefficient or broken.
  5. Kitchen Appliances: To allow employees to cook, heat, and store their meals.


Will a karaoke sound system be awesome for your company team buildings? Do you need cameras to keep the office and everyone safe? Would an LED TV be good for productivity? Read on to find out exactly what you need for your workplace:



IP Camera

IP Cameras

Having cameras in the office is all about safety and productivity. Not only will the business be that much safer, but employers will also have a quick way to monitor their employee’s workload progress; it’s like having an extra set of eyes over the premises.

Another thing that is great about IP cameras is that they are so much better than traditional CCTV cameras because they have higher resolutions – meaning you will be able to view images and videos clearer.

Moreover, one of the best things about having IP cameras in your arsenal of security is that they can be remotely accessed through a mobile app that is protected by a password. Plus, they’re easy to install so there won’t be any unsightly wires for you to tangle and match in the installation process.





Office meetings are key factors in a business. They enable employees to align all their efforts so that they could efficiently work together. Oftentimes, this is held in small groups, although there will also be instances wherein a big group is needed for the meeting to occur.

During these times, speaking with just your regular voice is not enough to get everyone’s attention, which means that the speaker will have to use affordable audio products in the Philippines, such as a set of speakers and microphone, to get his or her message across.

This will, then, effectively move the meeting. All things that need to be discussed will be tackled upon, leading to more profits for the entire company.

Also, speakers can be very handy during programs, such as family days and Christmas parties. It can be used by the emcee to address everyone. Plus, it can be used as a sound system to play tunes from.





Having an LED TV in your office is useful for two reasons: efficient conference meetings and TV dashboards.

For the former, LED TVs are just as simple to use as your computer monitor. Just turn it on and plug your laptop in, and you can present ideas to your teammates and clients right away. Though having projectors are fine, it cannot compare to the HD capability of LED TVs.

Apart from that, it can also be used as a TV dashboard. It is being used by companies to show real-time data about how well the business is doing. This allows teams to see if their projects are doing well. Through the information being given by the TV dashboard, employees can also adjust their actions to fix the mistakes they make right away as well as push the things they’re doing right even further.



Electric Fan

Electric Fans

Basically, employees are more effective at their work when they are comfortable. This means that air conditioning in the workplace must be one of your top priorities. Unfortunately, even the best systems could not be enough to cool an entire office, meaning you will have to add and provide electric fans for those areas that will most likely experience more heat during the day.

Moreover, you will have to maintain or repair these air conditioning units every once in a while. You can do this during off-hours to be efficient, but in case they break down during the day, it will be helpful to have a few spare electric fans that you could use.



Kitchen Appliances

Kitchen Appliances

Another thing that will make employees comfortable in the workplace is having kitchen appliances for them to use. You could place them in a pantry to give them an option to cook, heat, or store their own meals while they are in the office. A few basic items that would be nice to have are kettles, blenders, stoves, rice cookers, a refrigerator, and even a waffle maker!

Having a water cooler is also important. This will not only keep employees hydrated enough to work during office hours, but also a nice place for them to catch up and interact with one another. When your employees like each other, they’ll definitely make the best team. It’s funny how a simple water cooler can be a great tool for team building!


Key Takeaway

The items listed above will surely make your office the ideal place for both the employees and the employers. Each one of them will be comfortable enough to do their work and improve the overall productivity of their company!

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