4 Features of a Smart TV

November 29, 2017 blog-img

Why is a smart TV better than a regular one?

  1. It can connect to the Internet which means that it can stream videos from apps such as YouTube, Hulu, and Netflix.
  2. It can stream music from Pandora, Spotify, and Google Play Music.
  3. It can also play games that you can download from the Google Play Store.
  4. It can use apps like Plex to play media from your cloud storage apps.
  5. It can browse the Web.
  6. It can store media files.
  7. You can connect a keyboard and mouse to it and treat it like a big desktop PC.


Everyone knows that to get the best viewing experience, you need the best LED TV and best sound system in the market. However, the big question is: should you get a Smart TV? In fact, some of you may be asking what the deal with these Smart TVs are. Well, luckily, this article is here to cover all the bases and to show you why these are the among the best LED TVs you could buy. So, here are the features of a Smart TV:



Connection to the Internet

Connection to the Internet

This is the biggest difference between regular TVs and Smart TVs. In fact, before they were called smart, they were called “connected TVs”. These can use either an Ethernet connection or Wi-Fi to do so. This means that you can use all those streaming websites that you love such as YouTube and Netflix! You don’t need to be constricted to just the size of your computer screen. Just imagine watching your favorite Netflix shows and YouTube Web series on a Fukuda FSMRT55FHD. That’s 55 inches of glorious HD!

However, you have to be smart about where you place your TV. Just like your laptop, it has to be in a place that can pick up your Wi-Fi. However, if the TV is already near the router and it still isn’t picking it up well, you may need to upgrade your router or get a Wi-Fi range extender.



They’re Like Big Smart Phones

They’re Like Big Smart Phones

Not because these can call and text people for you, but because these are compatible with the Android OS. In fact, most smart TVs use Android – well, our best LED TVs definitely do! So aside from calling, it will function just like many Android smartphones. This means that you can log into the Google Play Store and download apps.

You might ask, “What apps can you download for a Smart TV?”. Well, the answer is tons! You can download multiple apps and games made just for Smart TVs. These only serve to make your best LED TV even better! Here are a few of the best Android TV apps that you can get to amplify the best LED TV experience:


  1. Amazon Prime Video
  2. Google Play Music
  3. Hulu
  4. MX Player
  5. Netflix
  6. Pandora Music
  7. Plex
  8. Spotify
  9. VLC
  10. YouTube


Most of these are streaming services while some are awesome media players that can play files off of your USB. There are other apps like Plex that uses cloud sites such as Google Drive to play files, so you won’t need to use a USB. Not to mention, Spotify on the best sound system hooked up to your TV is the best way to enjoy music.

With such flexibility in playing and streaming all sorts of media, having a smart TV will give you the best LED TV viewing experience.



Surf the Web

Surf the Web

Aside from all of these streaming benefits, you can also browse the web. After all, that’s what the internet was first created for. Most smart TVs have their own built-in browsers, so you don’t have to worry about compatibility.

Just imagine searching for information on a big screen. It could be the best way to look at recipes, view infographics, look for lyrics while Spotify is playing, and many more!



USB Connections and Storage

USB Connections and Storage

VLC and MX Player wouldn’t be among the best Android smart TV apps if the smart TV couldn’t store files! Just connect a USB stick and transfer the files to your favorite movies and you can access them almost as quickly as turning the TV on. Simply go to the file manager or your media player and click on the file and enjoy the classic movie, “Scarface”, on the best LED TV available.

Not to mention, the USB ports are useful for connecting third-party devices! These can be things as simple as a wireless keyboard and mouse so you can navigate the smart TV faster and treat it like a big PC. You can even stick in a USB game controller and play some of the best Android smart TV games available on Google Play like Final Fantasy, GTA, Inferno 2, or King of Fighters – without a single console in sight.


Key Takeaway

Connecting TVs to the web has opened up so many possibilities and functions that make smart TVs truly the biggest step forward in the future of media. Get one today and embrace the latest technology and its useful functions!

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