32″ HD Ready LED TV FLED Review

June 2, 2017 blog-img

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Television sets have been around for almost a century, providing revolutionary home entertainment for families. Innovation in the TV industry has been ongoing ever since it has been invented, and slowly but surely, TV has reached heights that were unattainable before.

I am a TV enthusiast. For so long now, I have been looking for the best TV in the Philippines to prove that advanced TV sets are also available in developing countries! Recently, I tried Fukuda’s 32″ HD Ready LED TV FLED. If you’re curious to see what Fukuda’s TV has to offer, continue reading them below:





The resolution of a television set is directly related to how clear and sharp it can show images. Fukuda’s TV has a 1366 x 768 resolution, which means it can provide clear and crisp images! Also, it’s 32”, which means it’s a perfect medium sized television set for those who don’t like excessively large TVs.

I will admit that I went in as a skeptic on its HD ready function, but I was really blown away at how high definition the images were! It was almost like the pictures were coming alive!



Ultra Slim

Ultra Slim

There are many slim-sized TVs today, but if you physically see how slim Fukuda’s TV was, you’ll be amazed–like me! It was so slim that you wonder how they fit everything inside an extremely thin TV. But, don’t worry about its thinness because it has been made to last! Its durability can withstand bumps and minor impacts, so you can rest assured that you have a TV that will surely stand the test of time.



Live Colors & Viewing Angle

Live Colors and Viewing Angle

If you’re wondering what the picture quality is, this TV offers live colors, which means that it can offer extremely vivid colors that heighten the viewing experience of its viewers! With extremely crisp colors, you need to see it from whatever angle you’re looking at, and the 178 degree angle that this TV offers, you can view it even when you’re standing at the side of the TV instead of the front! I tried standing beside the TV and I can still see the series I was watching! It was so amazing that I was genuinely blown away!



Lower Power Consumption

Low Power Consumption

It’s an LED TV, which means that it has lower power consumption when compared to other non-LED TVs. You can literally watch a whole day without worrying about your electricity bill. I tried using it for almost an entire day for a whole week and I was thankful that my electricity bill only went up slightly from what it was before.


If you’re looking for a money-saving, quality TV you can check out this LED TV FLED from Fukuda!

I’ll be honest, I was really skeptical when I tried out this TV. I kept asking myself, why don’t I just buy from other brands? But when I finally tried it out, it was essentially better compared to the others. It had everything I could ask for!




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