4 Features of a Smart TV

Why is a smart TV better than a regular one?

  1. It can connect to the Internet which means that it can stream videos from apps such as YouTube, Hulu, and Netflix.
  2. It can stream music from Pandora, Spotify, and Google Play Music.
  3. It can also play games that you can download from the Google Play Store.
  4. It can use apps like Plex to play media from your cloud storage apps.
  5. It can browse the Web.
  6. It can store media files.
  7. You can connect a keyboard and mouse to it and treat it like a big desktop PC.


Everyone knows that to get the best viewing experience, you need the best LED TV and best sound system in the market. However, the big question is: should you get a Smart TV? In fact, some of you may be asking what the deal with these Smart TVs are. Well, luckily, this article is here to cover all the bases and to show you why these are the among the best LED TVs you could buy. So, here are the features of a Smart TV:



Connection to the Internet

Connection to the Internet

This is the biggest difference between regular TVs and Smart TVs. In fact, before they were called smart, they were called “connected TVs”. These can use either an Ethernet connection or Wi-Fi to do so. This means that you can use all those streaming websites that you love such as YouTube and Netflix! You don’t need to be constricted to just the size of your computer screen. Just imagine watching your favorite Netflix shows and YouTube Web series on a Fukuda FSMRT55FHD. That’s 55 inches of glorious HD!

However, you have to be smart about where you place your TV. Just like your laptop, it has to be in a place that can pick up your Wi-Fi. However, if the TV is already near the router and it still isn’t picking it up well, you may need to upgrade your router or get a Wi-Fi range extender.



They’re Like Big Smart Phones

They’re Like Big Smart Phones

Not because these can call and text people for you, but because these are compatible with the Android OS. In fact, most smart TVs use Android – well, our best LED TVs definitely do! So aside from calling, it will function just like many Android smartphones. This means that you can log into the Google Play Store and download apps.

You might ask, “What apps can you download for a Smart TV?”. Well, the answer is tons! You can download multiple apps and games made just for Smart TVs. These only serve to make your best LED TV even better! Here are a few of the best Android TV apps that you can get to amplify the best LED TV experience:


  1. Amazon Prime Video
  2. Google Play Music
  3. Hulu
  4. MX Player
  5. Netflix
  6. Pandora Music
  7. Plex
  8. Spotify
  9. VLC
  10. YouTube


Most of these are streaming services while some are awesome media players that can play files off of your USB. There are other apps like Plex that uses cloud sites such as Google Drive to play files, so you won’t need to use a USB. Not to mention, Spotify on the best sound system hooked up to your TV is the best way to enjoy music.

With such flexibility in playing and streaming all sorts of media, having a smart TV will give you the best LED TV viewing experience.



Surf the Web

Surf the Web

Aside from all of these streaming benefits, you can also browse the web. After all, that’s what the internet was first created for. Most smart TVs have their own built-in browsers, so you don’t have to worry about compatibility.

Just imagine searching for information on a big screen. It could be the best way to look at recipes, view infographics, look for lyrics while Spotify is playing, and many more!



USB Connections and Storage

USB Connections and Storage

VLC and MX Player wouldn’t be among the best Android smart TV apps if the smart TV couldn’t store files! Just connect a USB stick and transfer the files to your favorite movies and you can access them almost as quickly as turning the TV on. Simply go to the file manager or your media player and click on the file and enjoy the classic movie, “Scarface”, on the best LED TV available.

Not to mention, the USB ports are useful for connecting third-party devices! These can be things as simple as a wireless keyboard and mouse so you can navigate the smart TV faster and treat it like a big PC. You can even stick in a USB game controller and play some of the best Android smart TV games available on Google Play like Final Fantasy, GTA, Inferno 2, or King of Fighters – without a single console in sight.


Key Takeaway

Connecting TVs to the web has opened up so many possibilities and functions that make smart TVs truly the biggest step forward in the future of media. Get one today and embrace the latest technology and its useful functions!

5 Appliances You Need in Your Workplace

What appliances should offices have?

  1. IP Cameras: To use for security reasons.
  2. Speakers: To use during large meetings or conferences.
  3. LED TV(s): To use for presentations and dashboards.
  4. Electric Fans: To use for when the air conditioning is inefficient or broken.
  5. Kitchen Appliances: To allow employees to cook, heat, and store their meals.


Will a karaoke sound system be awesome for your company team buildings? Do you need cameras to keep the office and everyone safe? Would an LED TV be good for productivity? Read on to find out exactly what you need for your workplace:



IP Camera

IP Cameras

Having cameras in the office is all about safety and productivity. Not only will the business be that much safer, but employers will also have a quick way to monitor their employee’s workload progress; it’s like having an extra set of eyes over the premises.

Another thing that is great about IP cameras is that they are so much better than traditional CCTV cameras because they have higher resolutions – meaning you will be able to view images and videos clearer.

Moreover, one of the best things about having IP cameras in your arsenal of security is that they can be remotely accessed through a mobile app that is protected by a password. Plus, they’re easy to install so there won’t be any unsightly wires for you to tangle and match in the installation process.





Office meetings are key factors in a business. They enable employees to align all their efforts so that they could efficiently work together. Oftentimes, this is held in small groups, although there will also be instances wherein a big group is needed for the meeting to occur.

During these times, speaking with just your regular voice is not enough to get everyone’s attention, which means that the speaker will have to use affordable audio products in the Philippines, such as a set of speakers and microphone, to get his or her message across.

This will, then, effectively move the meeting. All things that need to be discussed will be tackled upon, leading to more profits for the entire company.

Also, speakers can be very handy during programs, such as family days and Christmas parties. It can be used by the emcee to address everyone. Plus, it can be used as a sound system to play tunes from.





Having an LED TV in your office is useful for two reasons: efficient conference meetings and TV dashboards.

For the former, LED TVs are just as simple to use as your computer monitor. Just turn it on and plug your laptop in, and you can present ideas to your teammates and clients right away. Though having projectors are fine, it cannot compare to the HD capability of LED TVs.

Apart from that, it can also be used as a TV dashboard. It is being used by companies to show real-time data about how well the business is doing. This allows teams to see if their projects are doing well. Through the information being given by the TV dashboard, employees can also adjust their actions to fix the mistakes they make right away as well as push the things they’re doing right even further.



Electric Fan

Electric Fans

Basically, employees are more effective at their work when they are comfortable. This means that air conditioning in the workplace must be one of your top priorities. Unfortunately, even the best systems could not be enough to cool an entire office, meaning you will have to add and provide electric fans for those areas that will most likely experience more heat during the day.

Moreover, you will have to maintain or repair these air conditioning units every once in a while. You can do this during off-hours to be efficient, but in case they break down during the day, it will be helpful to have a few spare electric fans that you could use.



Kitchen Appliances

Kitchen Appliances

Another thing that will make employees comfortable in the workplace is having kitchen appliances for them to use. You could place them in a pantry to give them an option to cook, heat, or store their own meals while they are in the office. A few basic items that would be nice to have are kettles, blenders, stoves, rice cookers, a refrigerator, and even a waffle maker!

Having a water cooler is also important. This will not only keep employees hydrated enough to work during office hours, but also a nice place for them to catch up and interact with one another. When your employees like each other, they’ll definitely make the best team. It’s funny how a simple water cooler can be a great tool for team building!


Key Takeaway

The items listed above will surely make your office the ideal place for both the employees and the employers. Each one of them will be comfortable enough to do their work and improve the overall productivity of their company!

The Ideal Distance from Your TV

What is the ideal distance you should be sitting from your TV?

  1. It all depends on the size of your TV. Measure the diagonal size first and then;
  2. Divide this by 0.84 (as recommended by THX) or 0.625 (as recommended by SMPTE).
  3. The result you will get is the recommended distance you should sit from the TV for the best cinematic experience.
  4. If the distance you get from this computation is too long for the room you plan to put your TV in, then you should think about getting a smaller TV. A TV that is too big can be too overwhelming and uncomfortable.


Having the best LED TV in the market is exciting, especially since you could watch your favorite shows and movies on it. However, watching too much of them – particularly if you are too close – could be bad for your eyesight, which begs the question: what is the ideal distance should you sit from your TV?



Rule of Thumb

The Rule of Thumb

Basically, the bigger your TV is, the farther you have to be from it. How far exactly? Well, you will need the THX-recommended formula to figure it out.



The THX Formula

The THX Formula

For those of you who don’t know, THX is the company that George Lucas founded. He created this for the purpose of making the best viewing and listening experience for home systems, cinemas, car sound systems, etc. In short, they know what they’re talking about when it comes to enjoying the best LED TV in the market.

According to them, the best way to measure the distance you should be from the TV is to measure the size of the screen first. After that, you divide it by 0.84 to get the recommended distance.

Take for instance, you have a 65″ Full HD Smart LED TV, you have to divide its size by 0.84, and you’ll get 77 inches. This means that the recommended distance for you to be away from your TV is 77 inches. Why? Well, according to THX, the best cinematic experience comes when you can view the entire TV at a 40-degree scope from where you are seated.





SMPTE (Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers), on the other hand, believes that a 30-degree field of view gives the best LED TV viewing experience. This means that instead of dividing the TV size by 0.84, they recommend to divide it by 0.625. With this formula, the ideal distance from a 65-inch TV would be 104 inches or 8.4 feet.

Admittedly, this will make the TV slightly smaller to your view, so it’s up to you to decide on which formula you would like to follow; just don’t go any closer to the THX-recommended distance.



Sitting Too Close Will Bring Out the Pixels

Sitting Too Close Will Bring Out the Pixels

Most LED TVs in the Philippines can display images in 1080p, which is a lot of pixels – meaning if you sit quite far from the TV the visuals will still be very crisp. However, if you decide to sit very near your screen, then it will make those pixels evident to your eyes. This will, then, ruin your entire viewing experience.

Ultimately, the best LED TVs have been designed to be viewed at a certain distance. The farther you are, the better the visuals will be. However, you don’t want to be too far away because this will also make your experience less appealing.

Given all this information, you have to take into account what it means for you and your home.



The TV Size Has to Match the Room

The TV Size Has to Match the Room

Say you do buy the Fukuda’s 65” Full HD Smart LED TV, you have to be mindful to put it in a room that is big enough to fit the recommended distance. If you go with the SMPTE formula, then it has to be in a room where you can put a couch 8.4 feet away from wherever you put the TV, or 6.4 feet if you use the THX formula. This means that you can’t put this type of TV in a room smaller than 6 square feet.

However, what if you place your LED TV in a room where space is more than free and accessible? If that’s the case, it would be best to place your TV somewhere between 10-12 feet away from the couch you’re sitting. Again, this notion entirely depends on the size of your TV, which in this case, is best if the size of the TV would be between 70-80”.



The Cardboard Tryout

The Cardboard Tryout

If you have a hard time visualizing how a 65-inch TV would look like in your room, then simply get the dimensions online and cut out an old piece of cardboard to the size and shape of the TV you want to buy. Then, mount (or tape) this onto wherever you want to put it. From there, you can just move the couch to certain distances to see if you can fit the cardboard-cutout-TV to your field of view without relying on your peripherals.

If the cutout is too big even after pushing the couch back as far as you can, then you may need to go a few sizes smaller than what you originally planned for.

With this technique, you can skip the math and just go with what’s naturally comfortable for you.



TV Size to Distance

TV Size to Distance

If the three given steps above are not working for you, then you can try this TV Size to Distance Calculator and Science. Just choose the size of your LED TV and you will be given the perfect distance that you must be sitting from your television.



Key Takeaway

Don’t get us wrong; bigger is definitely better when you’re hunting for the best LED TV on the market. However, it shouldn’t be too big that you can’t watch it in your room without having to turn your head every now and then. So, before you go out and buy an LED TV, consider the aforementioned information regarding the distance you should be sitting from your TV.

What Kind of Washing Machine is Best Suited for You

What factors should you consider when buying a washing machine?

  1. Decide whether you need a fully-automatic washing machine or a semi-automatic washing machine.
  2. Determine the specific kilogram capacity that you need to wash your clothes.


In the Philippines, one of the best home appliances you could get is a high-quality washing machine. It should offer you quick rinse cycles, efficient garment care, durability, and the capacity to wash all kinds of clothing materials.

Now, it could get quite confusing considering there are so many washing machines currently out on the market, and truth be told, the answer to what is the best washing machine could depend on your own needs, which is why you should ask yourself which one will suit you best.

Here are some factors that you could consider:



Fully Automatic or Semi-Automatic

Fully Automatic or Semi-Automatic?

Washing machines can either be fully automatic or semi-automatic. Basically, fully automatic units are more practical because they work faster and don’t take much effort at all to use. However, it does consume more water and power. Not to mention, it also can’t work without electricity. With this being said, it is safe to say that this kind of washing machine unit is for people who don’t want to spend much time doing their laundry.

Meanwhile, the semi-automatic one is for those who want to save money from their water usage and doesn’t mind spending more time doing their laundry.



Washing Machine Size

Consider the Specific Kilogram Capacity

When picking a size, you shouldn’t only think of the space you have at home; you should also think of your laundry load. If you have a washing machine with KG in the name, then that is the load capacity. This is basically how much clothes you can wash during one cycle – which is measured in weight. Going past this limit could break your unit, even if it’s one of the best home appliances in the Philippines. In addition, going below this capacity means that you won’t be using the machine fully and you’ll definitely be wasting money.

Also, this kilogram capacity refers to the weight of your clothes when they are dry, meaning they will get heavier once they got wet. To properly weigh your clothes and see what size of washing machine you need, don’t use a traditional weighing scale because this could get too time-consuming. Instead, you can use this rule of thumb:


1kg of laundry = 5 shirts; 1 shirt + 1 pair of denim jeans; 2 bath towels


Just do the math to find out how heavy your usual laundry load is. If you want something more specific, you can use the following tools:


New Life

(Source: New Life)



(Source: Dummies)


Laundry Load Weight

(Source: Laundry Load Weight)


After using any of these, you will be able to find out the weight of your usual load. From there, you can decide which washing machine, with its specific kilogram capacity, is suitable to wash the clothes in your home.


Key Takeaway

Before you buy a washing machine, do consider these factors to find out the one that will suit your needs. Determine if you want to use a fully-automatic or a semi-automatic one, as well as the kilogram capacity needed to wash your garments. All of this will lead to you making a worthy purchase.


About Fukuda Washing Machine

Fukuda is a manufacturer and provider of high-quality washing machines. We offer both fully-automatic and semi-automatic washing machines for you to choose from. Check out all our laundry and garment care products by visiting this page. For product concerns and inquiries, don’t hesitate to send us a message via our Contact Us Page.

What to Do When Your LED TV Is Not Working

What are the things you need to do when your LED TV is not working?

  1. Troubleshooting – Troubleshooting your TV set is the first thing you should do. Do a thorough run-through – from the TV screen, remote control, cables, socket, to the main power source.
  2. Check the manual – The manual contains the most information in regards to the parts and functions of your TV set.
  3. Consult online threads – There are numerous online forums, which respond to various queries about TV repairs and solutions.
  4. Call Customer Service – The best thing you could do next is to contact customer service. By doing this, there is a great chance that you would be able to determine the problem and find the solutions your TV.
  5. Make use of the product warranty – Warranties could allow you to have your LED TV repaired or replaced.


Acquiring one of the best LED TVs will definitely make your home more fun and cozy. With it, you can watch movies, play video games, and sing karaoke – all in glorious HD! However, all the fun and games could get ruined when your LED TV stops working. But do not worry!

Here are some things you could do if this happens:



Check the manual

Troubleshooting and Use the Manual

When your LED TV stops working, it could be a simple problem! Usually, the power cables just are not connected well, or maybe the plug is too loose or the socket is just malfunctioning. In this case, try plugging your TV into a different electric outlet. However, do not mess with it if it looks damaged since you might get electrocuted. Remember, your life is not worth the latest episode of “Game of Thrones.”

When you have done the above-mentioned troubleshooting, here are a few other things that you may do:

  1. Check if the remote works or if it has working batteries
  2. Check if the circuit breaker is flipped

Plus, do not forget to check the manual; this often contains valuable information that can help you resolve the issue. However, keep in mind that you should not open or dismantle your LED TV because this will void your warranty.



Consult online threads

Consult Online Threads

In case troubleshooting does not work, then it’s time to look for solutions elsewhere. The internet is usually a good place to find useful information, especially since chances are high that people have already experienced most issues that LED TVs have. You will also be surprised at how many of these people post their solutions for everyone to see! Simply do a Google search that will lead you to online forums with these solutions. From there, it is as simple as looking on the page for a solution to your problem.

However, if you could not find the resolutions to your issues, then do not be shy to be the first one to ask. For sure, many tech experts will try to help resolve the issue, although it might take some time for you to receive some answers.



Call Customer Service

Call the Pros

If you need solutions as soon as possible, then it would be best for you to directly contact your LED TV manufacturer. Their customer care representatives are always ready to assist you with your concerns; just be sure to prepare key details, such as your LED TV model and your receipt containing the purchase date and the store location. They might need these to help you resolve the issue.

As much as possible, try to describe everything you have observed about your TV – whether or not you think they are important. It could help the representative determine the correct issue as well as provide you with the right solution.

Aside from over the phone assistance, you could also go on your manufacturer’s website or social media accounts. Usually, they also have representatives there that are always available to aid you resolve your LED TV problems.



Make use of the product warranty

Use the Warranty

If after every solution and troubleshooting the repair guys or technicians presented still did not work, then the next step would be for an actual, physical assessment of the product. Your supplier would either advise you to bring your TV to the company-authorized service center, or to schedule for a home visit by a technician. Check if your unit is still covered under warranty. Just be sure to keep your receipt with you because warranties depend on the date that you have bought your TV. Most warranties cover only factory defects. If the cause of the defect is not covered by the warranty, you can still have your unit repaired but with corresponding fees.

If you have any concerns about your warranty, please feel free to contact your manufacturer. For sure, they will be quite willing to explain it in detail with you.



Key Takeaway

The best LED TVs often have a long shelf life. However, they are still prone to breaking and defects. If this happens, you could turn to the solutions listed above. Once the issue has been fixed, you could prevent it from happening again by following good maintenance tips for your TV. This could ensure that the issue will never occur once again.


About Fukuda LED TVs

Fukuda is a manufacturer and provider of high-quality LED TVs. These LED TVs would provide you with high-quality HD screens – where you can enjoy countless hours of your entertainment needs. For more information and a list of LED TV sets and other appliances and devices from Fukuda, you can visit this page! However, if you want to have your Fukuda LED TV repaired or if you have other concerns, you can always visit the Customer Care page here.

Keep Cool: Best Placement Tips for Your Wall Fan at Home

Filipinos are very much used to living in a tropical climate. However, this does not mean that they enjoy being under the sun 24/7. They, themselves, have to get reprieve from time to time in order to refresh not only their bodies, but their minds as well.

Essentially, this is the reason why they ensure their houses are places of comfort filled with the best home appliances in the Philippines. One of the things that they own at home is a wall fan that can cool them off after being out and about on a hot day. After all, no one finds it entirely relaxing to be sweating all the time.

Don’t know where you could put your wall fans? Read below to get the best tips:



Check your home

Check your home

Before deciding where to place your wall fans, go around your house first. It is highly recommendedfor you to check every place in your home to find the best area. Just be sure that you find spaces where ventilation is needed. For instance, you can place it in the living room since this is where you and your family spend most of your time in.



Keep them elevated

Keep them elevated

It is best to keep your wall fan elevated. This will allow your fan to be able to cover a large area in your house. For the ideal height, place it around 1-3 feet below the ceiling (this measurement can be lower if you have a higher ceiling).



When in doubt, add a fan (or two)

When in doubt, add a fan (or two)

Some areas in your house are bigger than others, which mean that one wall fan may not be able to provide the right amount of cooling. In this case, it is better to have another wall fan to make sure that the area is ventilated enough to keep your family members and guests comfortable. Remember to also place the wall fans on opposite sides of the room so that they can cover more ground.



Clear up any obstructions

Clear up any obstructions

Wall fans work best in open areas – this means that their airflow must not be obstructed to ensure that you are making full use of it. It is best to move any item or pieces of furniture within the fans’ vicinity to make certain that nothing is blocking their way.



Go for the middle

Go for the middle

Placing your fan in the middle of a room is ideal so that it can cover more ground. This would mean that you could be standing anywhere inside a room and still receive air to cool you down on a hot day.

Another tip would be to install your wall fan opposite your window. By doing so, you could just open it wide to invite cool air in as your fan blows the hot air outside of your home, effectively cooling down the temperature of your house.


Key Takeaway

Having a wall fan in your own home would make sure that you are kept cool during warm days. Installing them in the right places would make sure that your wall fans would be able to give you the right amount of airflow in the areas that you need them the most.

Fukuda is a provider of quality home appliances. If you are looking for the best electric fans, LED TVs, and other home appliances, you can check out our product page.