Make Your LED TV Last Longer: 5 Ways to Maintain Your Television in Good Condition

Home entertainment appliances – such as TVs – are very affordable in the Philippines. A number of good deals are waiting for you especially if you know exactly where to look.

Currently, most people prefer to buy LED TVs because they are energy-efficient and long-lasting. You’ll surely get your money’s worth because you’ll be able to enjoy watching your favorite shows in your LED display for a long time. However, lack of proper care can shorten the lifespan of your device. To ensure that you’ll get to enjoy your LED TV for a long amount of time, here are some tips that you should follow: 



One of the main reasons why LED TVs fail to last long is because they often overheat. Prevent this from happening by leaving some room for your TV to breathe. Its ventilation system can be found behind the screen so make sure that there is at least 4 inches of space between your device and the wall. Most LED displays today can be mounted on the wall, but that may cause your device to overheat. Instead of doing that, consider setting it atop an entertainment center or a table. 


Install a Voltage Regulator

Another thing that you can do to ensure the longevity of your LED TV is to install and use a voltage regulator – a device that is utilized to protect appliances from voltage fluctuations. For sure, there are several electronic appliances that can be found in your home. Power dips will ultimately happen from time to time, especially if you use them all at once. What you might not know is that although these dips may be temporary, they can be detrimental to your LED’s power caps. Installing a voltage regulator will protect your LED display and other appliances too. 

Adjust the Contrast

Contrast is where you can control the difference between the darkest and the brightest colors displayed on your screens. Usually, there are four options that you can choose from: vivid, dynamic, standard, and movie.

Vivid and dynamic settings provide higher contrasts than standard and movie. LED showrooms prefer to use them because they display the best picture. However, they are not exactly doing you a favor because they tend to use more power compared to the other two options. The LED lights in your TV will also burn faster if you have a higher contrast set up. So think about adjusting your device’s contrast to standard or movie. 


Alter Brightness

If you wish to maintain the quality pictures that your LED TV produces for years, then be sure to alter its brightness settings. They work much like your contrast settings; higher brightness means more power is being used by your TV. And the higher the brightness levels, the more hours are removed from your display’s lifespan.

Alter it to “medium room,” “dark room,” “home,” or “film” to adjust it according to your room’s lighting. 

Conserve Power by Turning the TV Off

The simplest thing you can do to make sure that your LED TV will last long is to turn it off. Some people think it is okay to leave their displays open to provide background noise; they believe that 60,000 hours is a long time to burn through. However, what they don’t know is that leaving their TVs for 3 hours could equate to about 1,000 hours per year – meaning that their LED TVs are probably not going to last long. That is why, when not in use, you should always turn your display off.

Remember to follow these tips in order to maintain your LED TV in good condition. They will help you save energy and ensure the longevity of your device.

Why Should You Consider Buying an LED TV?

In the Philippines, affordable TVs are a huge deal because one of the Filipino people’s favorite pastime is gathering in the living room to watch their favorite noontime show or teleserye.

Through the years, this useful device went through a series of makeovers. Today, technology has made it possible for different types of TVs to be available in the market, providing people with more options to choose from. Lately, the most popular kind is flat screen TV; not only because of its sleek and stylish look, but because of the color and quality that it produces as well. LED TV is a flat screen television that is slowly gaining the attention of many. Here’s why: 

  1. Excellent Picture Quality

LED TVs are somewhat similar to LCD TVs. However, there is no doubt that the former are able to produce better image quality because of their higher contrast ratio. The backlighting schemes they produce are able to provide viewers with more accurate colors and better contrasts. In addition to that, the local dimming backlight feature found in LED displays also contribute in improving their picture quality compared to LCD TVs.

Furthermore, LED TV also has a sleek look that is much more energy-efficient than a plasma screen. This means that you can save more money if you purchase an LED display instead of buying other kinds of flat screens. 

  1. Produce Vivid Pictures

Producing vivid pictures is also not a problem for LED TVs because they generate brighter lights compared to fluorescent lamps. This means that if you put it inside a brightly lit room, its images will still appear in better quality compared to an LCD TV. Their screens are also non-reflective which means artificial and natural lights will not be a problem as you watch your favorite show. 


  1. Efficiency

LED TVs do not just produce vivid and high quality pictures, they are also more efficient and long-lasting compared to other displays. This type of screen uses LED bulbs surrounded with “petals” that are specially designed to absorb heat. These bulbs remain unheated while the petals contain the heat energy, making the radiated material produced by your device 100% light.

The petals around the bulbs also ensure that your LED TV will not give off too much heat. Heat, after all, will no doubt shorten the lifespan of your television.   

  1. Uses Less Power

LCD and plasma TVs consume so much power, causing your electricity bill to rise. On the other hand, LED displays use 30 to 40% less power than the other two, helping you save money. However, you should remember to check how much power an LED TV will be consuming before you buy it because the energy consumption varies from model to model.

If you are planning to purchase a TV, consider buying an LED display. This will allow you to save money while enjoying better image quality for a long period of time.

Hand Washing vs. Using Washing Machine: Which is better?

Washing machine is one of the numerous affordable home appliances in the Philippines. This advantageous device allows Filipinos to efficiently clean their clothes without using too much time or effort. All you have to do is place your dirty shirts and pants in the washing machine and hit a few buttons. Voilà! Your clothes are now clean and fragrant!

However, in spite of the availability of washing machines, plenty of people still choose to wash their clothes by hand. Hand washing is a prominent method among Filipinos especially back when machines were not yet invented. And although there are already devices that allow them to clean their things speedily, plenty of people still prefer to use this old method.

But which of the two is really better? Check the pros and cons of each method below! 

Hand Washing Clothes

Pros: Hand washing clothes is first and foremost energy efficient. All you need is a tub, water, and your hands (or feet in some instances) to wash your clothes. No need for you to use electricity since you will be using manual labor. And since you will be working manually, you’ll get the chance to work out while washing your garments. It also does not generate too much noise which can disturb the peace in your household, unlike when you use washing machines. 


Cons: One of the biggest disadvantages of hand washing is that it requires too much time and effort. This is particularly true when washing heavy materials like curtains or beddings. You would have a hard time lifting these things up because of the added weight of water. It is also hard to get rid of difficult stains which means that you would have to keep washing something until it is clean. In the end, a lot of your time would be wasted in cleaning one garment only. 

Using Washing Machine to Clean Clothes 

Pros: You have numerous options when it comes to washing machines. Some of them even have multiple settings that is perfect for delicate clothing. You can also choose whether you want a fully automatic washing machine or a semi-automatic one. Either way, it will surely be easier to wash heavy garments with the use of this device. All you have to do is dump them inside the machine and press start. You will be able to save so much time and concentrate your efforts doing something else that you want to do. 


Cons: Washing machines require electricity to run. You may end up with a higher electric bill by the end of the month. Your water bill may also rise because of how much water your machine is using. 

Which One is Better?

Washing machine is still the better option between the two. It’s true that you would save a lot of money by hand washing your clothes. However, it would use up plenty of your time and effort. This means that instead of doing something more important, you would be stuck cleaning clothes for a long duration of time. And in this day and age, most people cannot afford to spend their time washing clothes when there are more pressing matters that need their attention. Also, washing clothes by hand can be tiresome. While you can use it to work out every now and then, continuously relying on this method will take a toll on your body, particularly your back.

Meanwhile, a washing machine – as mentioned above – has numerous settings that you can choose from. You just have to learn which ones to use for each garment to avoid ruining your clothes as well as wasting your time. Don’t worry because washing machines come with manuals and you can be assured that you will not have any problem using it.

The two methods both have their pros and cons. But in the end, using a washing machine is still the best choice because it saves you time and effort.

4 Other Uses of LED Display

In the Philippines, affordable TVs are prominent particularly because most Filipinos bond with their families by watching their favorite TV shows. Truly, television has been a source of entertainment for millions of Filipinos for several years. However, do you know that aside from making people laugh and cry with intricately crafted TV shows, televisions are also utilized to serve other purposes?

Over time, entrepreneurs in the country have learned how to use TVs – especially LED TVs – to help them sell their products and services. If you are a businessperson, take note of the numerous ways that LED TVs can be used in various industries.

LED TVs in Retail

The customer experience can be improved tenfold with the help of LED TVs. People always say that it is better to show than tell. Well, with the help of LED displays, you will certainly be able to show customers graphics and videos that demonstrate the efficiency of your products and services, encouraging them to make a purchase. This works better than merely telling them to buy a certain item.

If your shop has a reception area, think about installing an LED TV there as well; this will help make your store look even more inviting to guests and clients. Are you going to participate in any upcoming trade shows and exhibitions? You can also utilize your displays for these events! An LED TV will make your booth stand out since videos and moving graphics are efficient in attracting people and catching their attentions.


LED TVs in Restaurants

Installing LED TVs in restaurants can also be beneficial. Aside from improving the ambiance, it will also show your customers that your establishment is up-to-date with current market expectations. Moreover, LED TVs – which are known for their bright displays – can be transformed into digital menus that are easily visible even when you put them in a dark setting. Make your menu appetizing by displaying videos or moving graphics of the foods that you offer.

LED TVs for Utility Displays

LED TVs are essentially beneficial in places like airports, as well as bus and train stations. People in these places are always on the move and they would appreciate a signage depicting travel schedules and other information that are always updated in real time. These displays are also helpful in entertaining bored passengers who are waiting for their flight, train, or bus. Although they might be expensive, it is worth investing in an LED TV. In the long run, it will help enhance your communication with passengers and save you money. After all, it is costlier to print posters just to disseminate information than to display schedules and reminders on an LED display. 

LED TVs for Hospitality Purposes

Hotels, as well as bed and breakfast facilities, are not going to be as welcoming as they are without LED TVs. Ensure your guests’ relaxation by providing them with a source of entertainment inside their own rooms, in the form of televisions. Even hospital rooms invest in displays to provide a source of comfort to patients and their families as they undergo medical treatments.

#LEDTV is not just for private viewing; it can also be used for commercial means as shown above. Investing in one will surely be beneficial for your business since it can be utilized for marketing and entertainment purposes. Plus, you can use it to spread information as well!