4 Tips for Buying TVs

When buying a TV that would stand or hang from your wall and serve as the centerpiece in your living room, don’t just think about brand names or prices. If you really want to get the most out of your money, understand what is really going on with the affordable electrical appliances in the Philippine market. When it comes to TVs, examine the following aspects so you will know which is best for you and your family: 

Screen Size Matters

One of the biggest factors in your decision will be the screen’s size. You have to think about the number of people in your house and how many watches TV all at once. Once you have put that to consideration, pick the largest screen that will fit comfortably in your home as well as your budget. They are the factors that you should consider when choosing which TV you want to buy. Remember that you should also observe how close you sit from the TV. If you see the individual pixels, then you are too close. Experts recommend sitting at three times more than the height of the screen, especially if your TV is HD. 


Check the Contrast Ratio

Contrast ratio describes the range of brightness levels a TV can display. Those with better contrast ratios display more subtle shadows as well as hues and show better detail. However, each TV brand measure contrast ratio differently; the best way to see which is best is by seeing for yourself how a TV displays shadow detail. Movies or TV shows of the horror genre will help you determine how good a certain model’s contrast ratio is because you will see how good the shadow detailing will be. If allowed, play with the TV’s picture settings before making your decision. 

Faster Refresh Rate is Better

The refresh rate describes how many times per second a picture is refreshed on the screen. The standard refresh is 60 times per second or 60 Hz. However, in scenes where objects are moving rapidly, a 60 Hz refresh rate can make them look blurry. To create a more solid-looking picture, the manufacturers increases the refresh rate to 120 or 240 Hz. Bottom line is, look for a TV with a refresh rate of 120 and above. Beware of terms like “effective refresh rate” – this means the actual frame rate is half of the stated refresh rate. 


Invest in a Soundbar

If you are a movie junkie or a sports fan, then you value the importance of sound quality more than others. However, some of the most expensive HD TVs have poor sound because of the design of flat plans. This means that there is not enough room for large speakers that can produce rich sound. You can use headphones, but that might make you seem antisocial, or you can get a soundbar instead. Soundbars will significantly improve the cinematic experience, plus the new models are thin enough to fit under the TV stand without blocking the bottom of your TV. If you want, you can also mount them under your television if the device is mounted on a wall.

The factors mentioned above are just some of the important things that you should keep in mind when buying a TV. Remember, you’d want only the best viewing experience for you and your family so make sure to do your research when shopping for your TV.

Stay Cool In Spite of the Weather with These 6 Food and Drinks

Even though the summer days are already over with the arrival of the rainy season here in the country, the hot climate continue to persist, making everyone sweat particularly on especially hot days. People opt to use their affordable home appliances in the Philippines such air conditioners or electric fans so that they can stay cool. An alternative way of staying cool is by eating or drinking certain types of food and beverages. The initial food or drinks that people consider eating or drinking are ice cream and shakes; however, there are other numerous selections which can help the body rehydrate. Get to know these food and beverages! 


Aside from being known as a vegetable that can help reduce the bags on one’s eyes, cucumbers are loaded with tons of hydrating nutrients which keeps the body cool. This is probably the reason why the phrase, “be as cool as a cucumber”, is so popular. A great option would be to feast on cucumbers as a snack on days when the heat is just unbearable.



The greens are always good. Eating salads during hot days is strongly suggested because of the fruits and vegetables included in it. There are a lot of leafy greens to choose from and they go well with various dressings – combinations that will not disappoint and would surely please your appetite. Not only will you be detoxified, you’ll be hydrated too!


A fruit with an adorable fruit name, peach, is rich in vitamins A and C, with only about 35 calories. It promotes a healthy skin due to its cool effect on the body. Partner the fruit with any dessert of your choice to make sure that you get that refreshing feeling you’re looking for. 

Iced tea

Iced tea might probably be considered as the national drink during summer because it’s a perfect drink to have on a hot day. You will surely keep cool once you have an iced tea, especially since there are so many flavors to choose from. In addition, it also contains caffeine which can help you stay awake. 



Many are aware about the numerous advantages of eating apples; for instance, it provides fiber and caffeine. It is also a sleep remedy and it helps in weight loss. These are just some of the effects of this amazing fruit. It is also very refreshing during hot days if you need something to chomp on during the warm season. Apples and peanut butter go great together too!


Another recommended red fruit to eat in order to cool off is watermelon. As its name suggests, it contains a huge amount of water in it. The fruit is even good for the heart due to its cancer-fighting antioxidants, which can also prevent inflammation of the joints.

What to avoid

Although you love drinking alcohol and coffee, you have to avoid them during hot days because both drinks produce a negative effect on your body, making you feel hotter. If you want to stay cool despite the hot weather, refrain from drinking these hot beverages.

Stay cool despite the hot weather by eating and drinking the mentioned food and beverages above!

The Best Feel Good Movies You Have to See

Shopping for affordable kitchen appliances in the Philippines can sometimes render anyone exhausted, especially with the horrendous traffic. Once you get home, all you’ll probably want to do is take a long, hot shower and lie in bed until tomorrow morning. Why not watch a movie? There are many feel good movies out there that’ll leave you smiling at the credits. Here are some of those movies: 

The Shawshank Redemption

Year: 1994
Director: Frank Darabont
Starring: Tim Robbins, Morgan Freeman
Distributor: Columbia Pictures

This movie is considered as one of the greatest movies of all time, despite failing at the box office. It received critical praise and received seven Academy Award Nominations: Best Picture, Best Actor (Morgan Freeman), Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Editing, Best Cinematography, Best Sound Mixing, and Best Original Score. It didn’t win any of it, though.


At first, it’s a gloomy prison. A banker (Robbins), who is accused of murder, is sentenced to life in prison in Shawshank State Penitentiary. He befriends another inmate played by Morgan Freeman. Various things happen in the movie that would give you hope one minute, then make you cringe in your seat the next. Once the truth is revealed to you by the end of the film, you’ll be crying tears of joy. 

Legally Blonde

Year: 2001
Director: Robert Luketic
Starring: Reese Witherspoon, Luke Wilson
Distributor: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer

Elle Woods (Witherspoon) is a fashion student who enters Harvard Law School with the goal of impressing her boyfriend who had just dumped her, Warner, the son of a governor. Elle might seem like an airhead, but she knows what she wants. Events following her enrollment in Harvard makes her stand her ground and prove to everyone and herself that she can do whatever she sets her mind to. This will give you a feeling that you can succeed at whatever you set your mind to as well! 


The Devil Wears Prada

Year: 2006
Director: David Frankel
Starring: Meryl Streep, Anne Hathaway, Emily Blunt, Stanley Tucci
Distributor: 20th Century Fox

This film is in this list because honestly, who couldn’t relate to Andy Sachs (Hathaway)? Andy is a fresh grad with dreams of becoming a journalist, but ends up as a personal assistant to Miranda Priestly (Streep), the infamous editor of Runway. The job is far from what she wants to actually do but she perseveres. Follow her through her misadventures, ups, and downs as a new grad struggling with her first job. You’ll be smiling with joy at the end, when Andy finally gets the courage to pursue her dreams. 


Year: 2006
Director: Frank Coraci
Starring: Adam Sandler, Kate Beckinsale, Christopher Walken, David Hasselhoff
Distributor: Columbia Pictures

This one didn’t receive critical praise, but it’s a good movie nonetheless. Wouldn’t it be amazing to get a chance to do something over? That’s what happens to Michael Newman (Sandler), who receives a universal remote that can actually control time. You’ll see what kind of things greed and career obsession can do to a person and their family. This will actually make you think twice about your priorities, but feel good about how Newman got his life together in the end.

Lie down, open your television, (maybe make a mug (or two) of hot chocolate) and enjoy the movies mentioned above. You need downtime, too!

5 Tips to Maintain Your Appliances Properly

Nowadays, everything is so convenient. You don’t need to wash clothes by hand any more or wait for the sun to come out to dry them. Truly, the inventions of many appliances made the lives of everyone easier. However, just because these appliances are convenient, doesn’t mean they’ll never cause you problems. If you do not take care of your affordable TV in the Philippines – or any other appliances – properly, you will end up making a big dent in your bank account or a hole in your pocket once you send it out for repairs.

If you don’t maintain them properly, these appliances can start fires or even electrocute the user. Without proper care, these devices can cause accidents which will not only damage the gadget, but you and your family as well.

To avoid hazards from happening, here are some tips on maintaining your appliances. 

Keep those cords tied up

Untie the cords of your appliances only when you’re about to use them or if you need it to be plugged in at all times. Also, make sure that the cord is in a place where nobody will trip over them. If the wire becomes exposed if the insulation breaks over time, have them replaced immediately. Frayed wires can cause fires or end up electrocuting anyone who uses them. 


Clean your stoves

If you’re one of those people who put aluminum foil on the bottom of your ovens or stoves to make it easier to clean or to catch food spills, you’re going to have to stop doing that. The foil messes with the airflow and the heat flow, which might result to you recalibrating your device. Instead of using foils, just use glass cleaners to cleanse the surface of your appliance. 

One at a time!

Don’t plug in several appliances all at once in one extension cord. This won’t cause a fire, but if your extension overloads, this might damage your appliances. Your house is wired to handle the power consumption of a home, not of a bigger building. This means that it’s your job to make sure that you don’t go over that limit.                                                                                                     

Keep away from water

Water conducts electricity and it also breaks appliances, so keep them away from the sink or the tub! Also, refrain from plugging in devices in wet areas to avoid electrical hazards. 

Clean them

Clean your appliances properly, however make sure it’s unplugged first. You don’t want your hand getting chopped off if your washer suddenly turns on while you’re cleaning it. In addition, if you’re cleaning any cooking appliance, unplug them so that the food won’t harden on the surface. If you’re handling blenders, be careful with the blades since they are sharp and can cut you when you’re washing them.

These are just some of the tips that you should follow in order to keep your appliances in tiptop shape. Any appliance that you failed to maintain properly might break and – no matter how affordable it was – it’s still going to be expensive to repair it. Remember, safety first!