5 Tips in Buying Headphones

Consumer electronics are electronic equipment intended for everyday personal use. Since demand for quality consumer electronics in the Philippines keeps on increasing, gadgets continuously evolve to suit the fast-paced lifestyle in today’s society. Take headphones for example; people listen to various music in different settings which can be difficult if you are around other people. With headphones, you can listen to your preferred music wherever you are privately. Truly this helpful device has become a constant part of our everyday life, so much so that there are plenty of companies offering them right now!

If you want to experience music at a whole new level, you have to consider carefully what headphones to buy. Here’s how to pick the perfect set for you.

Consider the Form

Headphones come in a variety of forms so the first thing you should do is know what style fits you best, as well as the type of music that you always listen to. One style that you should consider is in-ear headphones or earbuds, which are portable. They offer a decent amount of noise cancellation which is useful when you are in a noisy bus or airplane. However, if you don’t like putting something in your ear, then you should consider a pair of on-ear headphones – the kind that a DJ uses. Choose this headphones if you want to experience and enjoy sound clarity, bass, and total noise isolation.

The Quality of the Product

Spending a decent amount of money on earphones can assure you basic music quality. On the other hand, expensive headphones are made with high-quality materials and improved engineering, which means that it produce a better sound quality than cheaper ones. Aside from the sound quality, headphones priced higher are usually more durable especially branded ones. With branded earphones, you are not just paying for the name, you are also paying for trusted quality.


Sound Isolation

Sound isolation refers to the headphones’ ability to keep music in and block out the outside noise. Headphones with great sound isolation will help you save battery life and prevent you from turning up the volume just to hear properly.


When trying headphones out, try to leave them on for a while. Some headphones feel okay for the first five minutes, but might be painful when used in long durations. It doesn’t mean that you have to try on one for hours. Just test a pair for a little while to see if they are comfortable enough for you.

Match the Impedance

It’s important that you match the headphones’ impedance to the audio equipment you’re using. If you bought headphones with impedance lower than 25 ohms, then they’re best suited for devices like phones and portable music players. However, if the headphones have impedance of over 25 ohms, they are best used for DJ mixers or any equipment with high power levels to maximize the audio quality.

Take note of the tips above when shopping for headphones. Even if you are working with a limited budget, make sure that the ones you purchase are comfortable to avoid regrets later on. If your main concern is getting superior sound quality, be ready to spend a considerable amount of money on headphones that specializes on audio quality.

TV Guide for Parents

Although family has the biggest influence in a child’s life, various forms of media also contribute in shaping young minds. Buying affordable electrical appliances in the Philippines like TVs expose children to several learning options that can be beneficial for your child. However, in some instances, wrong information is proliferated through these mediums and – instead of learning – your child ends up soaking incorrect data. Since media has the ability to influence how an individual thinks and behaves, parents are encouraged to help their children develop healthy TV habits as early as possible.

Everything in Moderation

There’s really nothing wrong in watching TV shows, so long as it’s in moderation. There are a lot of shows that are your kids can enjoy like Sesame Street, Postman Pat, and Blue’s Clues. Many of these shows promote friendship and positive values such as kindness and generosity. They also help in improving children’s vocabulary! Some shows are also beneficial in introducing new concepts which can be helpful for kids who have yet to go to school. You’ll find plenty of shows that teach kids to  count numbers, interacting with other people in order to make new friends, and pronounce certain words.

Take Note of Classification Ratings

As parents, you should take note of the quality of the programs that your children watch as well as the amount of time that they spend in front of the TV. Take note of the classification rating of your kids’ favorite shows; is it G, PG, or SPG? It’s why TV Parental Guidelines were created – so you, as the parent, can know and choose the program suited for your child. Remember though, these guidelines are only used for local listings and not with news programs, where violent and morbid images may be broadcasted.


Keep a Journal

Once you got to know the rating and types of programs that your children love to watch, it’s time for you to keep track of the amount of time that they spend watching. Record these data in a journal or even in your phone so can oversee their TV habits effectively. It is recommended that children in the toddler stage watch TV for only 1-2 hours daily. Meanwhile, those who are under 2 years old should not watch TV at all. Make reasonable rules for your children regarding their TV time and don’t make any exceptions. If you say that they can watch for an hour and a half or no TV during the weekdays, be firm about it; It’s for your child’s benefit too.

Watch TV with Your Kids

If possible, sit down and watch television with your children. That way, you will be able to know the benefits a certain show can offer to your child. If you see hints of violence like slapstick comedy or innuendos, you can always switch it to another channel.  It’s also a good idea to research about shows that you can let your kids watch beforehand.

It’s only normal for parents to be concerned about the programs that their children are watching. The shows’ content is as important as the time your child spends watching so make sure to monitor both. With the right amount of care and guidance, your child can develop healthy TV habits that they will retain as they grow older.

5 Must See Animated Films

With the advancement in technology, affordable electrical appliances in the Philippines became more readily available in the market; it became easy for people to buy televisions, DVD players, and gadgets for entertainment. In addition, innovations enabled people to do to do farfetched things such as connecting to the internet using televisions. Through evolutions in technology, this is now possible, giving birth to Smart TVs! This new device gives people an almost limitless access to everything, including movies, soap operas, and even news that they might have missed during the day.


Movies are an important part of society. Aside from the entertainment one could get while sitting in a movie house for two hours, it gives you a feeling of escape from reality. In addition, movies can sometimes be learning tools that can be used to educate audiences with vocabulary and moral lessons.



There are various genres of moves, one of which are animated films; and no, animated movies are not just for kids. Animated films are for everyone and the process of making one is no joke. It’s time to access the internet using your Smart TV and watch these must-see animated films!

Millennium Actress

What’s it about: A Japanese animated film directed by Satoshi Kon, this film is all about two film makers who interviewed a retired veteran actress. The actress, Chiyoko Fujiwara, ends up sharing her life as an actress and the many movies she did during her prime. As she continues with her story, the difference between reality and cinema becomes blurry.


Toy story 

Toy Story trilogy

What’s it about: This movie follows the life of Andy and his toys that come to life whenever he is not around. More than the toys, Toy Story revolves around the essence of childhood. So far, the series has 3 installations and although Toy Story 3 (2010) looked like it’s the conclusion of the epic story, Pixar suddenly surprised die-hard fans by announcing a fourth installment.

How to Train Your Dragon

What’s it about: This film is all about a Norse teenager named Hiccup, the son of Stoick the Vast. In the movie, Hiccup deviates from their village’s traditions by befriending a dragon instead of killing it. It currently has two films in the series and a third one is already in consideration.

Lion King

Lion King

What’s it about: Who could ever forget the benevolent Mufasa and his adorable – turned courageous leader – son Simba? One of Disney’s beloved films, follow Simba as he grows from a cub and into a powerful leader who would eventually inherit his father’s throne. Get some tissues ready especially when watching the first installment of this series because it will definitely be an intense experience (no spoilers here).

Spirited Away

What’s it about: Spirited Away is Hayao Miyazaki’s masterpiece and the pride of Studio Ghibli. This movie is all about a young girl’s journey in the spirit world with the mission to rescue her parents who were transformed into pigs. If you want to watch an animated film with fantasy and dream-like elements accompanied with true-to-life moral lessons, then Spirited Away is the perfect film for you!


Aside from the the ones mentioned above, there are plenty of other wonderful animated films like Finding Nemo, Up, and Lilo and Stitch that are worth watching too. It doesn’t mtter if you are young or old, animated movies have messages that are applicable to people of different ages.

Beginner’s Kitchen Must-Haves

Living independently is exciting. In your new house, you are your own boss and this newfound freedom is exhilarating. However, in some aspects, it can be daunting too – if you haven’t touched a spatula or frying pan your whole life, how will you feed yourself without your parents’ help? First things first, you have to purchase the items needed in order to cook a meal. Fortunately for you, stores that offer affordable kitchen appliances in the Philippines are aplenty. Check out this list of must-have items for your new kitchen.

Knives and cutting board


Whether you’re dealing with fruit, meat, or vegetables, you are going to chop, slice, or peel food at some point while preparing a meal. That is why you should buy knives and a cutting board for your kitchen. You don’t need an entire arsenal of knives (which can be very costly), just two types of these sharp tools will do – a good-quality paring knife and a chef’s knife. While you’re at it, buy a cutting board to avoid damaging your countertop while chopping.

Oven toaster


While it can’t cook family-size meals like a regular oven, an oven toaster can be useful in re-heating left-overs, defrosting frozen meat, and roasting up some meat. You can even utilize it to make small batches of cakes, cookies, and even muffins! Oven toasters are ideal especially when you live in an apartment and you need something that has the capabilities of an oven but does not occupy as much space. Plus, oven toasters use less energy and are a easier to clean!



The Stove Top and the Refrigerator


The stove top and the refrigerator are the Big Two of the kitchen. They are the basic – yet essential – appliances that you should definitely have in your kitchen. Before you go and purchase these items, make sure to do a thorough research first. It is also important that you choose a stove top and a refrigerator that are energy efficient to avoid an increase in your electric bill.

Kitchen Tools


It’s tempting to go out there and buy all of the existing kitchen gadgets but, really, you just need the following basics: a pair of tongs, hand-operated can opener, vegetable peeler, and a box grater. The abovementioned kitchen tools are some of the mostly used items when preparing a meal so if you can, buy one of each.Make sure that you’re buying something multi-functional so that you can make the most out of your money (and save space in your countertop).


Two Pots and a Skillet

Purchase a large pot that you can use for cooking stews, as well as boiling vegetables. You should also get a small pot – something that can be used for making sauces and personal servings of pasta. The skillet will become your best friend in the kitchen because you can do a lot of things in it like frying, searing, and even making caramelized vegetables! Invest in high quality pots and skillets to ensure that they will last for a long time; After all, you don’t want to end up throwing your equipment away when their coating began to chip off.

The mentioned kitchen tools above are some of the basic, yet important, items needed to prepare food. Make sure to stock your kitchen with these essential tools so that you are equipped to cook a meal on your own; it will not only help you learn a new skill, it will also cut down your food budget!